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      Ever since I was younger, fitness has been a major aspect in my life. I lettered on several teams in high school such as football, track and field, and baseball. I ended up playing football at Hofstra University which was in a competitive division 1-AA conference. After Hofstra I played semi pro football, eventually I  knew my time playing football was pretty much over. Regardless I still stayed in shape due to my love of fitness. 

      One of my best friends needed to lose weight and reached out for my help. Little did I know he started a journey that has lead me to where I’am today. I became a ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in 2014 and shortly after was hired at Equinox the Columbus Circle location in Manhattan.

      With a consistent approach focused on continuting education and on putting my clients in the best position to meet their goals, I became a Tier 3+ Trainer certified in nutrition, kettlebells, Vipr, and Pre & Post Natal In under 3 years. After a great experience with Equinox, the number 1 fitness company in the world in January of 2018 I gained invaluable experience which lead to my own private training business.

Your Success is My Goal

I’ve always wanted to serve others. Raised in a household where my father is a pastor, he constantly preached to me that serving others is one of the most fullfilling things that we can do. It is very important that with each and every client I put them in the best position to meet as well as exceed their fitness goals. This will lead to physical improvement which will segway into improvement of their personal relationships, and careers!


Weight loss/Fat loss

Through my years of coaching I have had many clients who wanted to lose weight and or body fat either for a wedding, vacation, or major event in their lives. Setting up the correct training program and nutrition plan will put you in the best position to see results in no less then 4-6 weeks!

Bodybuilding Competition Training

For those who were always interested in training to compete in a bodybuilding show let’s make it happen! I myself have competed in Mens Physique shows for the National Physique Comittee (NPC). My experience in that style of training as well as certification in nutrition can get you prepared to be on stage.

Pre & Post Natal Training

Many women are afraid to train during pregnancy as well as post due to lack of knowledge on what to do and also being scared to put their health and the infants health at risk. I’am a certified Pre & Post Natal trainer and will put you in the best position during pregnancy as well as getting yourself back Into shape post pregnancy. 

Strength Training

Many people are unfamiliar with how to train with weights and tend to avoid the gym because of it. Having almost 20 years of training in calisthenics, barbells, dumbbells, as well as being kettlebell level 1 certified will allow me to put you in the best position to understand technique and become confident at strength training.

Marathon Training

Marathon preparation can be a serious matter! It can be extremely difficult and wearing on your body. Strength training can put you in the best position to go into each marathon with confidence that you are at your best. I’ve had several clients who have remained injury free as well as improve their previous marathon times after training with me. You can too!

Training for ages 55+

We all know getting older can be difficult on the body. Being able to simply move efficiently becomes more strenuos over time. Having an efficient as well as safe training program will allow older clients to still be able to conquer their day to day tasks. While At Equinox I was able to learn how to train the older population of clients efficiently. Age has nothing to do with how one should view themselves physically!

Nutrtion Plans & Diets

Nutrtion is the most important part of Fitness!

Nutrtion literally is the most important aspect when it comes to fitness. Think of yourself as a BMW automobile. You wouldn’t put 87 gas into a BMW because it wouldn’t drive the same. You need to put 93 in it for it to drive efficiently. That is the same exact thing when it comes to the human body. Whether it’s weight loss goals or building muscle having the right nutrition plan is of the utmost importance. My certification in nutrtion allows me to create the best diet plan that will correlate to my clients’  goals.

Client Testimonials

Brooke K (2 years)

Jennifer L (4 Years)

Phil & Kari K (1 year +)

Jackie G (1 year)

Ekkehart (3 Years)

Mike H (3 Years +)

Pause squat program for my client Brooke

In this video Brooke’s training program today was pause squats. Holding the bottom of the squat for 3 secs and then being explosive out of the hold (concentric portion) . For her to be efficient at this movement, inter-abdominal pressure is crucial to be able to maintain proper posture at the bottom of the squat. Adding this to your program at least once a month is crucial to building a great foundation when it comes to squatting. 

Jackie showing off her results!

1 year anniversary training Jackie and she unleashed her abs!!!

Caroline showing age doesn’t determine your level of fitness

Caroline doing an amazing job during her training session!

I practice what I preach!

Fantastic training session today focused on my back!

Omar training hard

Omar training hard during his full body session!

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